about us

Aim the company that everyone says “It’s a good company”
Aim the company that employee think “It’s a good company”
Think what the customer worries.
Think how we can satisfy the customer.
Use the time for the customer.
And, everyone, achieve the company’s goal.
President Keiko Sakamoto
Company name Rising Sun Corporation
Location 〒192-0083
The Maeno building 3F, Asahicho 7-11, Hachioji-si, Tokyo
TEL:042-649-6155 FAX:042-649-6255
Foundation Dec, 1982
Capital 20million yen
President Keiko Sakamoto
Job discription Software design development
Quality guarantee of software
Build infrastructure
Business of internet
Main bank Tama Shinkin Bank Utsugi Branch
Daitokyoshin’yokumiai Hachioji sales department
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Hachioji Branch
Mizuho Bank Hachioji Branch
Dispatch certification 特13-14-0001
Membership group Cyber Silk Road Hachioji
Hachioji Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Kai Silk Rays of Hachioji Chamber of Commerce and Industry female managers
Hachioji IT cooperatives
Hachioji Corporation Association
Kanagawa Prefecture Information Technology Services Industry Association
Main customer Hitachi, Ltd.
Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.
Fuji Soft Co., Ltd.
Co., Ltd. Cross Tech
Nippon net share
Canon System & Support Co., Ltd.
Cosmo instrument
Ltd. Sankosha
Lunch TV Co., Ltd.
Hachioji City Hall
Hachioji Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Japan bridges and steel structures paint Technology Association
And many others


In order to fulfill the principle “To be a good company”.
and achieve company’s goal, we are workning everyday thinking the above guidelines.

  1. Greeting is to open heart and to approach opponent. Do bright and healthy greeting.
  2. If you have feeling of appreciation, you are happy and heart is going rich. Be the person who can tell “thank you” for those who are involved
  3. IT industry changes severly, and one after another new technology and things are born. Humble for your technology, and get head and mind that flexable and absorb new information.
  4. Think of team members, everyone always work with thinking be best perofomance.

We help customers’ difficult and problem solution through IT service.
We try to make difference from other companies to give customers pleasure by using idea and wisdom.
First please contact us about everything. we will give the propose that satisfies the needs of customers.

■ Technical assistance to the leading manufacturer

Through the continuous technical assistance, contribute to the success of the project.

We mainly do finance system design, develop, maintenance, and quality evaluation of third-party.
The system responds to a wide range from mainframe system to web, open system.

Open system engineer
General-purpose machine system engineer
Oracle MySQL PostgresSQL SQLServer Access
Windows Linux server Unix server
Virtualiation technology(VMWare)

■ From making homepage to construct
 and maintain business system

Through making homepage, promise to enhance the customers corporate value.

We make company homepage and shopping homepage using original design for customer’s demand like customized card function of shopping site, we build a system to suit various use.
In addition, business systems development is similar.
We build easy-to-use system for online.
Please feel free to contact us.

■ Business system development, WEB application development

Through developing application to communicate with the hardware, contribute to enhance product value of your company.

We propose and develop a system which follows customer’s demand. Including business system, like customizing shopping site and inner-company system,
We make system which pursue easy-to-use.



■ Hardware and communication application

We promise that through the system development and application development, contribute to improve customer’s product value.

From industrial products to medical products, We specialize in making the application
that communicates with the measuring equipment in a wide range of fields, regardless of industry.
Like manipulating the measuring instrument and visualizing the data of measuring instrument,
we develop for your demand.

■ Construction and maintenance of inner-company infrastructure

We promise to give customer relax through maintenance and support.

To protect customer’s company assets, from building server to make company’s environment and backup, we support totally.