Server which uploads homepage(WEB site)’s contents.
Server which is used in-company.
Ordinarily it can’t see your eyes, but in this, important data is accumulated.
Please leave the management to us so that concentrate your business.

⚪ About internal server

Want to share files with everyone in-company. Want to backup although the server already is.
You want to build a new server,or to confirm the contents of already existed server.
When the data disappear is late. so please consider this opportunity.

⚪ About server of Homepage(WEB site)

We use server to put the contents of the home page.
In addition, it is possible to create an E-mail account at the same time, you can receive E-mail service.
We have been made in the way of us from the management of the content
of the home page (WEB site) to the management of E-mail account.
We have plan, please feel free to contact us.

And you can move from your original server.
Please feel free to contact us.

⚪ Standard plan

We manage homepage(WEB site) with a set of server and domain(1 years).
And also do support help, please use these.
Service contents are as follows.
In addition, we have each plans of each company’s scale, so please consider.

Domain management

Holds customer’s domain name.
*It may slightly increase amount by domain type.

Mail account management

Make the management of your email account.
Add or remove e-mail account, confirm of account’s capacity.

Server management

We manage server hosting with the required capacity and security management.
Ready for trouble, we regularly do data and program backup.
And, we give log of homepage access.

Help support

If you don’t know about mail or server, please contact us.
We correspond by E-mail or telephone.
E-mail reception : 24 hours Telephone reception : Weekdays 10:00~17:00(Except Saturdays,Sundays and Holidays)