⚪ The purpose of the protection of personal information

In performing our business (sales and support business · WEB service), you may want to share the “personal information” in between the customers and users.
Also for us, also for our customers and users, deal with “personal information” is located in the important management resources.
To fulfill its social responsibility, also, because of the adherence of the relationship of trust with our customers and users, we will efforts committed to the protection of company-wide personal information.

⚪ About collecting personal information

When we collect personal information, we do as follows.

  1. We will collect only the extent necessary to fulfill the collected purpose.
  2. We will collect using lawful and fair means.
  3. We will clarify the purpose of collection in advance and collect it after agreeing.

⚪ About the use of personal information

Personal information gathered for the above purpose shall be properly managed, and its using and provision will be limited to the scope of consent.
We will not disclose or provide it to any other third parties.

⚪ Purpose of using personal information

We will use personal information for the following purposes.

  1. For answering and contacting inquiries.
  2. To provide services for business partners
  3. For providing services to users
  4. For the exercise of rights and fulfillment of obligations under contract and law.

⚪ About proper management of personal information

In order to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information, we have implemented security measures including security measures.
We will surely prevent and manage unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, tampering and leakage.
Also, if customer requests improvement, we will respond promptly and make efforts to prevent it.

⚪ Regulatory compliance

We will comply with laws and other norms concerning personal information.
We always comply with these laws and regulations and other norms in the in-house information management department and strive to comply.

⚪ About continuous improvement

Through the internal audit of the information management department inside the company, we will continuously improve the management system and structure and maintain the best condition at all times.