Windows/WEB Application Develoment


We are doing design development of small businesses’ internal applications and general WEB systems which are widely used.
Unlike packaged software, the applications we develop that reach the itch of each company promise to help you improve your business.
We used systems that were managed by Excel as a system, linked with already used systems, etc. We will propose the optimal way for customers.
Recently, there are many companies that have newly developed and used instead of already used package software.
For Windows, in case of WEB such as C # WPF, php Ruby on rails Angular etc. We are developing.

⚪ About WEB application

Order management system
(for manufacturing industry)
When you import orders into the system, you can automatically calculate the forecast production number and so on, and know in real time what to build at the factory.
All forms and shipping slips etc. can also be output by the system.

Reservation management system
(for funerary business)
Facility reservation and systems, or the like can manage the various types of document associated with it in the funeral hall.
The facility reservation is also linked with the monitor of the room, and the reservation name is automatically displayed on the monitor.
Shipping control system
(for transportation industry)
A system that can input slip relation concerning delivery and can manage various forms etc.

⚪ WEB application achievements

Estimate, Purchase and order management system (for retailers) It is a versatile system that you can use if you are a company that sells items by purchasing things such as purchasing orders, purchasing orders and purchasing orders … etc. It is also possible to export CSV data and import it into another system (this time the company’s core system).
By doing this, synchronization can be achieved without having to input the same input twice, which makes it more convenient.


⚪ Sales management system (for general corporations)

Estimate, Purchase and order management system (for retailers) dawoong
Many EC sites that can shop on WEB are for B to C users for general users.
Therefore, settlement is done every time every order, but in the case of B to B it is mainstream etc. Settlement relation, form relation, developed for B to B.
Also, these data can be exported as CSV and imported to another system.

The results introduced in this section are part. And we are involved in a large number of development.


In this division, we will propose solutions according to customer’s request.
Mainly design and development of Windows · WEB application,
We are introducing packages and so on.
Recently, applications that communicated with hardware,
IoT development etc We are doing.
It is also the business of this division to establish a relationship of trust with new suppliers.
We are striving to create a solid foundation for technologies aiming at communication that brings out the wishes of customers to the utmost.